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Grass-o-Matic Cannabis Seeds

December 21, 2009

To accompany our other recent editions, we are now proud to announce another new seed bank. we have Grass-o-Matic Seeds, who pride themselves for being "the first to feminise autoflowering seeds and to breed big automatic plants". They currently only have 3 strains, of which is unavailable at this time: Auto AK Auto Mass...
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Green House Seeds Price Reductions

December 16, 2009

Green House Seeds have just announced some price reductions to some of their strains, particularly their 'haze' strains.The following strains have been reduced in price: Arjan's Haze #3 Arjan's Strawberry Haze Hawaiian Snow Neville's Haze Super Silver Haze
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Tangerine Dream Seeds – NOW IN STOCK!

October 5, 2009

We are proud to announce we now have stock of the Cannabis Cup winner Tangerine Dream from Barney's Farm!The photo and description are still being prepared, but we should have those online soon.Be the first to get your hands on it!

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Fruity Mixed Seeds $99.00

Marijuana Seeds For Sale - Fruity Mix Pack

High Yield Seeds $99.00

Marijuana Seeds For Sale - High Yeild Mix Pack

Patriot Mixed Seeds $99.00

Marijuana Seeds For Sale - Patriot Mix Pack

Platinum Seeds $99.00

Marijuana Seeds For Sale - Platinum Mix Pack

Spicy Mixed Seeds $99.00

Marijuana Seeds For Sale - Spicy Mix Pack

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