Stop Bud Rot By Reducing The Humidity

Stop Bud Rot 

Before It Starts

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Common Cause Of Bud Rot

While low night-time temperatures contribute to bud rot, the most common cause is due to high humidity levels. Excess water, hydroponic systems and transpiration, the releasing of water vapour from the plants leaves, all lead to a build up of humidity during the daylight hours.

Once the growing lights are turned off for the night-time period, any grow room not fitted with some form of heating or climate control, will suffer from a reducing in temperature. As the grow room cools, the humidity in the air condenses and reforms as water molecules, usually collecting around the buds and where they surround the main stem and branches.

This offers the perfect environment in which bud rot can flourish and attack your buds. The mould spores are microscopic and found naturally in the air, so stopping them entering your grow room is almost impossible, The only solution is to alter the growing conditions so as they are better for the growth of Cannabis, than growing bud rot and mould.


How To Prevent Bud Rot


Decreasing the humidity will significantly reduce the chances of bud rot, as will increasing the night time temperature. Cannabis flowers best when the humidity is between 30% – 40% over these levels and it reduces the plants ability to transpire, releasing the excess water into vapour. Higher humidity levels mean more water vapour in the air, so as the temperature reduces this reforms.

The key to reducing the risk of bud rot is to reduce the humidity.

Stop The Rot Bags Reduce Humidity

Introducing The Stop The Rot Bag

Stop The Rot Bags are the cheapest way to control the humidity in your grow room. Small, hobby growers using a purpose built tent, cabinet or cupboard have often struggled to avoid bud rot, especially those using a hydroponic system with the reservoir tank inside the area.

Not any more!! Purposely designed to collect and reduce the humidity, condensing it back into water and securely storing it for disposal when full.

Feel the difference as the air becomes drier, see the difference as your buds develop faster and denser than ever, due to the reducing in humidity after fitting 1 or more of these bags.

Bud rot is one of the worst things that can happen to your crop, attacking your buds just before complete maturity, leaving you no choice but to throw away the infected parts, often the main cola’s, and harvest the remainder as soon as possible. 

As you send your plants into the flowering cycle, it is recommended by all the very best growers, to reduce the humidity around your plants. That’s easy if you have climate control set-up costing a lot of money. For the smaller grower, achieving lower humidity is difficult.

Not any more, send your plants to flower and fit Stop The Rot Bags to lower the humidity quickly, effectively and cheaply. Achieve better buds, denser cola’s, and best of all,



Bud Rot is a form of Mould.

  • Don’t Sell Infected Buds. 
  • Don’t Smoke Infected Buds.
  • Don’t Allow Bud Rot To Develop.

Fit Stop The Rot Bags and Reduce The Humidity Naturally.

Stop The Rot Bags Prevent and Stop Bud Rot

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