Should I Buy Autoflowering Seeds?

March 15, 2012

Should I Buy Autoflowering Seeds?

Lowryder Autoflowering Seeds

Lowryder Autoflowering Seeds

Over the last few years we have witnessed one of the biggest developments within the world of Cannabis Seeds, the rise in popularity of Autoflowering Seeds and Autoflowering Strains. Much has been written regarding how they were developed by the Joint Doctor with the initial Lowryder Cannabis Strain, and how, subsequently the popularity grew until the more widely acclaimed Marjuana Seed breeders began to take notice and also begin to develop their own strains of Autoflowering Seeds.

Now there are many benefits to growing Autoflowering Seeds, both for you, the Marijuana grower, and believe it or not, the Cannabis Seed Banks, allow me to explain a little further; Growing Autoflowering Seeds can be one of the easiest options available to many people, living in countries such as Spain, where the sunlight hours during the Spring, Summer and early Autumn months are long and bright, and obtaining the necessary twelve hours of continual darkness to ensure flowering of your Regular, or Feminised Cannabis plants can be difficult to monitor. For this reason, it may well be a good idea to germinate some Autoflowering Seeds and grow them outdoors on a balconey or patio.

Should I Buy Autoflowering Seeds ?

Auto Seeds Bank

Auto Seeds Bank

For those Cannabis growers in these warmer climates, Autoflowering Seeds are one of the easiest options to grow, after selecting your particular strain from a wide and varied selection of Cannabis Seed breeders, such as the many choices offered by Auto Seeds Bank, who have a comprehensive selection of Autoflowering strains from breeders such as Big Buddha, Joint Doctor, Barney’s Farm and many more. Once you receive your purchase, germinate your Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds in the usual way, and once the tap root begins to become pronounced, pot the germinated seed into a container of approximately 10 litres of the very best soil you can acquire.

From here on in, growing your Autoflowering Seeds are very simple, if you have used top quality soil there will be very little need for any additional fertilizers during the first month. During which time your autoflowering Cannabis plant will have grown and begun to flower. Although many breeders give their harvest times at as low as 45 days, i have to wonder from which day they begin the count, in my own experience, and through communicating with other Cannabis growers, as well as constantly scouring the Cannabis forums to find Autoflowering Cannabis growers who have been able to achieve a reasonable and mature harvest within the time period stated by the seed breeders.

Lowryder Autoflowering Seeds

Lowryder Autoflowering Seeds

Sadly, it appears that many other Cannabis growers are experiencing similar traits. It would seem that on average, most Autoflowering strains take approximately two weeks longer than the advertised time-scale. Now whether that is due to the breeders not including the first ten days from planting the germinated seed, as it takes approximatly that amount of time for the seed to sprout, or maybe the advertised short growing time factor is slightly adjusted, who knows. What can be said, with some certainty though, is that the majority of Autoflowering Seeds and subsequently the Marijuana plants that they produce take a minimum of sixty days to reach full maturity, and not the fourty-five that many Cannabis seed breeders are printing.

If you find yourself living in a warm, sunny climate, where the sunshine is free and daylight hours are long, it may well be ideal for you to grow Autoflowering Seeds. Without the need for twelve hours of dedicated darkness, these popular Cannabis seeds can produce a reasonable harvest for the work involved in growing them, however, for the indoor gardener, they are definately to be avoided for reasons we will explain in coming articles on Autoflowering Seeds and Autoflowering Strains.

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