Lowryder Easy Rider Feminised Seeds

February 1, 2011

EasyRyder, Feminised Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds from Joint Doctor Marijuana Seeds.

Lowryder Easyryder

Lowryder Easyryder

Manufactured by the Joint Doctor, this is a strain of the feminised fast growing fruity aroma infused Lowryder 2 series, which are harvestable in a period which is as fast as nine weeks from the date of seeding. This is a cross of the classic Lowryder 2 and the automatic germinating AK47 variety which gives it the high resin producing quality and the fast growing capability which means that one can surely choose this one and not the other alternates not only for its aroma but its strength and resilience to the environmental conditions. As is with the other fast growing hybrids, this variant is also capable of growing everywhere from indoors to the outdoors and even in some green houses, if it is available in the home of the customer. This hybrid plant is produces short and auto flowering plant which grows without any kind of relation to the photo period of the plant which would be needed if otherwise. The best time to grow this plant outdoors is during the months of May to august where one may also do optional cycles until the month of November.

EasyRyder Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Lowryder Easyryder

Lowryder Easyryder

One must remember that the selling of cannabis is banned completely in the United States of America and in several nations there are some bans placed on selling these seeds for anything other than decorative purposes. Hence one needs to be a little tactful when they are dealing with these companies from countries where it is still risky to take up something like this. The orders can be directly filed online and then they will be delivering the orders accordingly. The seeds for the Lowryder Easy Rider are also sold as the other seeds for the cannabis plants are in packages of around 5 or 10 which one can get a the same time.

Due to the versatility of the dwarf or the Lowryder plant, it is something, which is really popular among the novice customers, and the people who are growing this plant for the first time. The plants, which one buys from this variant, should ideally be of the female variety and one should pollinate the female with the male and not the other way to get the best results that are possible. Seeding them is a tad bit more complicated as compared to the other ones and hence one needs to get the process pretty cleared out such that they can actually reap the benefits of the great choice that this dwarf variety is compared to the other ones, which are available from the other renowned farms. In addition to this, the feminised version of the plant makes it pretty easy for the new growers who are their on the block who often find it hard to harvest the plants of they are not auto-flowering. Therefore try out the Lowryder Easy Rider Feminized seeds for one of the best collection of cannabis in the market and order their packs soon for the best prices.

Lowryder Cannabis Seeds

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