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March 23, 2014

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OO Seeds are specialists in top quality feminized and autoflowering cannabis genetics. The OO Seedbank offer you a range of in-expensive, high quality feminized seeds using the best marijuana genetics available.

These affordable seeds are available in packs of 5 seeds and special mixed seed packs of 6 – All priced at only €21.99

This great range by 00 Seeds includes some of their finest varieties including combinations of UK Cheese, Blueberry, Kush, Skunk and Chocolate varieties.

OO Seeds Autoflowering strains show high levels of CBD and are very easy to grow with some harvesting in only 60 days from seed.

This new seed bank is quickly gaining a good reputation for producing the highest quality seeds, together with some of the best priced seeds range in our catalogue.


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Free Cannabis Seeds - Latest Offers - 00 Seeds Bank

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Fruity Mixed Seeds $99.00

Marijuana Seeds For Sale - Fruity Mix Pack

High Yield Seeds $99.00

Marijuana Seeds For Sale - High Yeild Mix Pack

Patriot Mixed Seeds $99.00

Marijuana Seeds For Sale - Patriot Mix Pack

Platinum Seeds $99.00

Marijuana Seeds For Sale - Platinum Mix Pack

Spicy Mixed Seeds $99.00

Marijuana Seeds For Sale - Spicy Mix Pack

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