Cheese Seeds.

March 1, 2011

New Cheese

from Dinafem Seeds.

  Describing the characteristics of “Cheese” from Dinafem,using what we know about the rest of the Dinafem varieties is almost an impossible task. Cheese, the new strain from Dinafem boasts an absolutely,unmistakeable and unique aroma,as well as an enhanced flavour.Strong,overwhelming essences mark it’s personnality to such an extent that to call it anything but “Cheese” would not do this strain justice. This Cannabis plant fills the air with it’s intence Indica aroma,reminiscent of hashish,with the distictive aroma of smoked wood.Upon inhaling,the taste lasts for so long,that it leaves you with the unmistakeable after-taste of a well matured cheeese.

  Cheese Cannabis began in England,with a clone from Exodus,an English Cannabis

cheese cannabis seeds from dinafem

Cheese, Dinafem Seeds.

Community devoted to furthering the Cannabis cause.These clones found their way into many a ‘garden’ and finally broke into the European Cannabis Community,culminating in winning a Cannabis Cup for the Big Buddha Cannabis Seeds Company.

  Since that time,stable hybrid’s have been created using an Original Cheese clone “mother” and a pure Afghan “father.”The resulting hybrid retains clear notes of the Original Cheese,with a genetic origin shared by a skunk selection that converges around this deep aromatic feature, from which we get the name “Cheese.”

  Dinafem‘s New Cheese has all the usual attributes you have come to expect from a “Cheese” it has an unmistakeable,impressive aroma, followed by a long,and lasting flavour. It is a strong Indica dominated variety with broad,deep green leafes. This is a very strong,stable and hardy variety of Cheese, and is successfully grown thoughout the Spanish peninsular,holding out well against damp,cold conditions until it’s harvest around October.Also well suited to Indoor growing,with a good production ratio per watt,resulting in a good yield of high quality Cannabis bud.

  In summary, Dinafem’s New “Cheese” is a variety that retains the very distictive, recogniseable Indica shape, it grows to an average height,slimming towards it’s tip. It can grow fairly bushy,with the right space,and conditions,this ensures good lateral branching, producing a well expanded Cannabis ‘bush’ styled plant. The Cannabis buds produced by this variety of Cheese is effectively just as powerful, and unusual as the aroma it gives off, such a special aroma that it can be said,that this is the true key to this new Dinafem variety.

In view of all this, we can be sure,that Dinafem‘s new Cheese strain will soon have it’s

cheese cannabis seeds

Cheese, Dinafem Seeds

own followers,both amongst the most demanding of growers,who may wish to experiment and try new,different and more intensive options,such as growing it Aeroponically,and those taking their very first steps into the world of growing Cannabis.Either way, Dinafem have once again created a reliable,homogenous,productive variety,that is easily grown,returning a high quality,unique Cannabis harvest.

For more information on purchasing this “New Cheese” from Dinafem,vistit, Auto Seeds Bank, your gateway to the World of Cannabis Seeds

Blue Cheese Cannabis

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