OG Kush Seeds From Alpine Seeds

April 12, 2013


OG Kush Seeds


OG Kush Seeds


OG Kush Seeds can be purchased easily and cheaply online, offering the indoor grower the to grow some of the finest Weed possible. Find the best suppliers and cheapest prices for all the best OG Kush Seeds online.

Genetically made in California, it didn’t take many years for OG Kush Seeds to become a valued favorite within the Marijuana growing community.

The parentage of OG Kush Seeds is as surrounded in confusion and mystery as the very name itself. Almost all Marijuana purists agree that the original genetics are part Chem Dawg, the remaining parentage remains a mystery, with influences including Lemon Thai, Pakistani Kush and Hindu Kush all said to be included and playing a part.

Even the name OG Kush Seeds is not without confusion, for some people it is a reference to the Original Gansta Kush that the Rap stars of the State enjoy, and so naming it OG (Original Gansta) while others agree it is an old reference to the origins of where it was initially grown and cultivated, Ocean Grown, by the Californian Ocean.

Whatever the origins of the name, one thing that is agreed upon is the perfect quality of OG Kush Seeds which develop to become some of the highest grade Marijuana available. Giving the user a truly unique high and taste that is rarely matched by any other Cannabis strain.

OG Kush Seeds have formed the basis of many hybrids, the powerful, relaxing high, together with its own very unique flavor have been introduced and cross bred to form many new Marijuana strains, creating new tastes and highs, suitable for all tastes. Having said that, sometimes you just want the real deal, and that means buying OG Kush Seeds from a genuine source.


OG Kush Seeds Review

OG Kush Seeds Lemon Larry

OG Kush Seeds  Lemon Larry x OG.Kush 

As the name suggests OG Kush Seeds Lemon Larry was crossed with a very good male East Coast Sour Diesel, and then selected again by back-crossing with the origin OG Kush Lemon Larry. Thus it was possible to consolidate the excellent characteristics and properties of this line.

The OG Kush Lemon Larry is an improved version of the original Lemon Larry, where an OG Kush Lemon Larry female was backcrossed with an Lemon Larry male; the plants were then self-fertilized to produce feminized seeds. This results in a resin heavy strain with a sour, lemony aroma and strong potency. Often towards the end of flowering both buds and leaves will turn a light shade of red.

 This is the only OG Kush Seeds variation in a regular form from Alpine Seeds. The resulting Kush  is a very good resinous strain with a spicy Kush aroma and a larger indica influence in growth. It is the larger yielding line but with a similar structure to the other lines, and also produces firm, compact buds. It does throw a few different phenotypes but all have typical Kush features and just differ slightly in growth, maturity time and a little in the flower structure.

The flowering time is 65-75 days for all phenotypes.

Buy OG Kush Seeds Online

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