Why Use Metal Halide Grow Lights To Grow Weed Indoors.

March 25, 2012

Lights To Grow Weed Indoors

Metal Halide Grow Lights.

In our past recent posts, we have looked at the advantages of using the fluorescent grow lights to start off your Cannabis seedlings, we have also looked at the advantages of flowering using the correct red and orange light spectrum contained within the High Pressure Sodium bulbs, during which we briefly mentioned the advantages of using Metal Halide grow lights to enhance the vegative growth of your Cannabis plant, and to assist in ensuring that you harvest the very best yield possible from each individual plant.

Metal Halide Grow Light

Metal Halide Grow Light

There are really only three primary changes you can make to the natural growing cycle of any Cannabis or Marijuana plants in order to achieve greater yields. For any plant to yield a quality harvest, you must first ensure that the seeds you are using are of the very highest quality available, for this we recommend one of the many Cannabis strains supplied by Seedsman, with many years of experience, Seedsman has become one of the most trusted Cannabis Seed suppliers on the internet. Once you have purchased your genuine Cannabis seeds, and they have germinated, the three ways to ensure you achieve the greatest yield possible are;

  • Grow Your Cannabis Using a Hydroponics System.
  • Snipping or bending the top shoot to encourage greater lateral branching.
  • Using the correct lighting at the right times to encourage the right growth.

Why Use Metal Halide Grow Lights To Grow Weed Indoors.

Metal Halide grow lights primarily emit light within the blue part of the light spectrum. It is this blue light that promotes excellent photosynthesis, and therefore achieves vibrant green, vegetative growth. Increasing the blue light that your Cannabis plants receive also helps to keeps your plants more compact,with much closer internodal branching and closer bud sites. Using Metal Halide grow lights will stop the cannabis plants from stretching as much as they would under a High Pressure Sodium bulb. Metal Halide grow lights the closest thing to real sunlight. If you are going to use just one light this is a good compromise, it will help keep your plants short, bushy and squat, which although the may thing that a tall plant will produce the most yield, they will not. A squat bush with many bud sites will always produce much more weight at harvest. This is due to the light depreciating in quality every metre, therefore if your lights are six foot from the base of your plant, the chances are you will only harvest good quality buds from the top half of your Marijuana plant. Keeping your plants shorter and squat ensures that the plant as a whole receives a far superior quantity of lumens, which will in turn produce a fair greater yield.

Metal Halide Grow Lights

Metal Halide Grow Lights

The average lifespan of Metal Halide grow lights is about 10,000 cumulative hours. The bulb will light up beyond this time but due to the gradual decline of light, it is not worth your while waiting for the metal halide grow bulb to finally burn out. If you compare their lumen (brightness) per unit of energy consumed metal halide grow lights produce approximately 65 to 115 lumens (brightness) per watt of energy consumed. Making it one of the most efficient lights to grow weed indoors.

Metal Halide Grow Lights.

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